This page contains some resources which I find useful for the speech signal processing research. For more information, please visit My WIKI (still under construction).


  1. Voicebox: A matlab toolbox developed by Mike Brookes in Imperial College London, which includes most speech processing algorithms.
  2. RIR Generator: A matlab toolbox written by Emanuel Habets for generating the multi-channel Room Impulse Responses with the image method.
  3. BSS locate: A toolbox for source localization in stereo convolutive audio mixtures.


  1. Single-channel
    Clean Speech: 863 TEST, TIMIT, Havard Sentences, TSP database (Telecommunications and signal processing laboratory, Multimedia Signal Processing)
    Clean Noise: NOISEX 92
    Noisy Speech: NOIZUS, Aurora-5

  2. Multi-channel
    Clean Speech: SiSEC 2010 noisy speech dataset
    Clean Noise: SiSEC 2010 noisy speech dataset
    Noisy Speech: CMU Robust Speech Recognition Group: Microphone Array Database (cmu_tms_multimic), DEMAND: Diverse Environments Multichannel Acoustic Noise Database
    Room Impluse Response: ACE Chanllenge, Bell Labs varechoic chamber impulse response, ICSI Meeting Room Acoustics Measurements, MARDY, Multichannel Impulse Response Database at BIU, Aachen Impulse response (AIR) database

Conferences and Journals on Speech Signal Processing

  1. Conferences: ICASSP, InterSpeech, EUSIPCO, WASPPA, IWEANC
  2. Journals: IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, Language Processing, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Signal Processing, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Speech Communication, Applied Acoustics